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Michael Zimmer, COO

Michael Zimmer, COO

Chief Operations Officer

Michael Zimmer, licensed since 2010 with a Master’s Degree in Finance, is currently the Chief Operations Officer at ISWM. Mike has been with ISWM almost since its inception and is instrumental in providing the majority of the research used by the Investment Committee. He’s an expert in portfolio construction, operations and trading aspects across multiple platforms and has an in-depth knowledge of compliance and RIA operations.

ISWM is a third-party asset manager (TPAM) we use.
Investment Advisory Services are offered through Blackridge Asset Management, LLC ("BAM"); an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm. The above-mentioned Investment Committee Member is an Investment Advisors with Independent Solutions Wealth Management, LLC ("ISWM"); an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm. BAM and ISWM are not affiliated. Your advisor may choose different investment strategies that may not be managed by the above-mentioned Investment Committee.